Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Highlights of 2012- Welcome 2013

Happy New Year! I wish all of you a happy, fun-filled and prosperous 2013! :)

Now, i shall list the highlights of my life of the year 2012:

1.  I met Aisam Ul Haq  in London
2.  Spent at entire month in London...JMS .
3. Reunions with special people ;) Khushi indeed
4. Had a crazy year
5. Had dreams of people proposing to me
6. Became a Sophomore :D :D
7. Made a 5-year plan that highlights: SUCCESS, SUCCESS, SUCCESS.
8. Got new clothes :d
9. Changed my dressing style ;)
10. Saw famous people at Primark, Oxford Street, London.
11. Saw Bobby Bro: Fit hai yaar ;)
12. Went to karachi after years and years.
13. Life at a standstill.
14. Won an Award in my university
15. 3 years since mama...miss you <3 p="p">16. BAAADS (Extreme Khushi)
17.  Learned how to do a 50-page project in 1 and a half week.
18. Learned that life is TOUGH  it is actually DEPRESSING.

More to come later.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

The 'mamas boy' look!


Oooohooo Babar Khan :D :D
Quite HANDSOME, i must say.


Monday, May 28, 2012

2012- Year of Surprises

2012 has been a crazy year so far...full of mysteries...laughter...magical moments and sadddd moments!

Now, to start off, i would like to thank somebody without whom this year would have never been the same. Well, obviously those are my friends! :P

I'd also like to thank my sister for making this blog for me, and letting me a copy cat, or else this blog would have never existed.

Anyhow, you see, as we grow up we also seem to lose that 'creativity', which was once instilled in us. Btw, Humsafar rocked <3

A few highlights of 2012 are as follows:

1. Humsafar took over Pakistan

2. Imran Khan rocked all the jalsa's :D :D :D

3. Typing up an entire research paper in 2 nights.

4. Wanna be my Chammak Chalo ;)

5. Uninvited guests with gifts on my bday ;) ain't that sexy, sweetheart? :p

6. Bounty ice-cream faded from Gelato

7. Fell in love with Blue Mist drink..

8. Liked Sajid Billa :P

9. obsessed with: Koi dekhay na dekhay shabbir tou dekhega

10. Mood changes

11. What happened- FCUK? eewwww :( :( :(

12. Guess who came to our house? ;) Custard bhi banaya tha

13. Weird rishtas :P which i dont even know about

14. JAW-DEE .....haven't met him since 7 months :P thats a highlight!!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

50 New things!

1. I love it.

2. Eyes Met. Magical :P

3. Tujhe Bhula diya ;)

4. I have a new pinboard!

5. X6 LOVE.

6. Zulqarnain haider ki missingness :P

7. Kya hua team ke saath? :O

8. LONDON 2011 :D

9. Sandwiches

10. Mandooooo

11. Summer Sunshines.

12. I love my friends!!

13. i miss you mom :(

14. I am lonely.

15. Ok i guess i am done!



LISTEN TO THE FOLLOWING SONGS: Tujhe Bhula Diya, Gal Mitthi Bol, Suno Aisha, Tujhe Bhula Diya, Tere liye, Uff teri Adaa, Adhoore,

Thursday, June 10, 2010

80 things- confessions and wants

1. Pakistan lost the world cup :( but, we got to the semi-finals!

2. I am tired.

3. Im weird. I am limited edition.

4. I am in love.

5. Coke studio rocked on 6th June 2010. Arif Lohar and Abida Parveen stole the show!

6. Kashti stuff that took place with our anchorperson on it.

7. Me and my sibling dearest made a page.

8. I got loads of compliments.

9. 6th April ;) *melts heart*

10. watched 3 idiots like over 10 times. especially silencer's speech.

11. Went to pakistan 100 times.

12. Visited lahore after a few years.

13. I am missing mom.

14. Its my birthday in 3 months.

15. Its hot!

16. LPC. Bijli chahiye.

17. I want to have a sexy life.

18. Have a cool phone!

19. Heard the hottest alarm clock tone :P dil karta hai banda soya jaaye :P

20. Had vanilla custard

21. Having cravings for chocolate cake

22. Cousin is going to a uni.

23. Wants to indulge in awaragardi and ayashi :P

24. Wants to have dahi bhalay

25. I miss Munchies- My second home.

26. Wants to go back to F-6.

27. wants to ride corolla's :P

28. Wants to meet the dutch-born singer Imran Khan

29. Wanted to go to I.K's concert. Amplifier wich apnay app nu dalna sii :P

30. Love is amazing.

31. Dad's endless tours.

32. Missing Mama

33. Wants an Iphone

34.Just realized the fact that humans have endless needs. *read the last 33 points*:P

35. I want to party.

36. I want to go to New York.

37. I want to eat fish and chips in London.

38. Wants to have Prawn Makhni Salad.

39. Made a list of things to do and places to visit in london.

40. Has been wearing sexy outfits.

41. Touchscreening =)

42. jealousy in the atmosphere.

43. Was watching tv.

44. Hasb-e-haal ----Azizi sahab ka tafsara.

45. Talat Hussain - qaumi hero! *hayyeeee* :P

46. Wants to eat Doner Kebabs.

47. Likes the new trash in petville. Chinese takeaway boxes instead of dirty socks.

48. wants to run through sprinklers.

49. Nazrein milani hain :P

50. Wants to go to Mcdonalds

51. Thinking of reading a new book

52. Starting the new year stuff.

53. Planning my bday

54. Having sexy conversations

55. Listening to Alif Allah by Arif Lohar and Meesha

56. I dont know Pushto. Like 'Bibi sanam Janem' by Zeb and Haniya in coke studio.

57. Knows the pushto word 'baaran' which means rain.

58. Stalked people.

59. Laughs at her sister for adding 2 year olds :P

60. We want to win the ASIA CUP 2010 in 5 days

61. I want a cool room

62. Dance :P

63. Have a grand birthday party

64. Said 'I love you' 10 times more than last year

65. Waiting to get new clothes stitched

66. wants a beautiful silken red or golden dress.

67. wants a silken shirt

68. Planning to buy a raw silk ka jora

69. wants a frock thing

70. Is currently hungry

71. Is spraying 'Love spell' on! ;)

72. waiting for ahem ahem

73. ALLL izzz welll

74. By stating buddha quotes, you astonish someone.

75. Do you know me?

76. I love myself

77. I love good food

78. Will have gobi for lunch today. I want ghosht pulao :P

79. I have nothing left to say.


im done. tired.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

An unimaginable Incident

The biggest tragedy of my life has happened, my mother has left this world. I can still replay all the scenes from that day, when all of this had happened, three months back. She was a outgoing and cheerful personality, who had a craze about flowers and loved the natural beauty of the surroundings. She was an all-rounder and had everything balanced in her hand, she was juggling with 1000 pins but none of them had ever dropped from her hands.

She had always inspired and taught me how to do every little thing. From the time of holding my hand and teaching me how to walk till the time when i could comprehend a 500-paged novel. She is a mother who can not be repaid, as she has done a lot for me. It feels as if the whole world is empty now, each and every colour of life is still present but meaningless. She had taught me how to admire beauty, especially the beauty of flowers and sceneries. I still recall an incident, whenever she used to take a photograph of me she used to enjoy capturing the backgrounds. I always used to say to her,that why are you inspired by the beauty of these mountains and leaves, and she said because the beauty and the beauty of the creator is very unique.

She was not only a mother, but also a best friend whom can be told anything which comes in ones mind. I used to talk to her about everything from people to my deepest feelings and dreams.Now, i feel as if i cannot share all those moments with everyone like i used to with my mom. She had a great belief in the meanings of dreams, and she was always very eager to hear a dream which came in my mind. Now, the same person comes in my dreams every night. I feel very lucky, that i had a mother whom was so unique and was not like anyone else in the world. Millions of people talk about her day and night, and for condolences we even recieved calls all the way from Africa. She was a person who can be felt in every moment, and she never had a frown on her face. Since i had been born, i had never seen her grumble or vent out her anger on any person. She used to hide the pains and sorrows in her heart.

Every person that i meet says that even though i resemble more to my father, but my fairness and a jhalak of my mother comes in on me. But, personality-wise, i am completely like my mother. However, my elder sister looks the same as my mother. I am the duplicate copy and a mixture of my mother and father. My father, loves my mother a lot, and still cries a lot due to this immensely painful tragedy which had struck us 4 months back.

Mama, i love you a lot. You have taught me how to live and face the world strongly, despite the hardships. You have taught me how to fight for your own right and remain unbreakable and strong at every step in life. This tribute is especially for you, you are like an unerasable memory in her hearts and minds. we all love YOU! Please come back, if you can, which is very unlikely. Salaam to my mother!

Thursday, March 12, 2009